Stucco is an excellent finish material with an expected life span of up to eight decades or more. Stucco should be inspected at least once every year for significant cracks, holes, or separations. In case stucco repairs are needed, it is vital to have such repairs completed promptly to prevent damage to your living space.

What Does a Stucco Inspection Entail?

Essentially, stucco inspection involves a series of tests performed on your home’s exterior and interior levels to determine moisture levels. Some of the other areas of interests for stucco inspectors include:

The Levels of Stucco Inspection

Stucco inspection is typically divided into three distinct levels. These include:

Siding Identification

This phase involves visual inspection and identification of the type of stucco siding in your home and any condition that may be a potential hiccup to the inspection process. At this stage, inspectors are concerned with siding installation faults that can cause moisture intrusion.

Non-Invasive Inspection

The second phase involves a detailed visual inspection of the exterior siding to identify any improper installations and damaged spots. Essentially, this level focuses on:

This phase details installation deficiencies as well as the nature and extent of damage to stucco sidings. The non-invasive assessment for moisture intrusion is done using infrared thermal imaging to detect temperature variations beneath the stucco cladding.

Invasive Inspection

This phase involves penetration of the siding in the damaged areas identified in the second phase. At this point, inspectors use specialized probes to reach the substrate and record moisture meter readings. For accurate readings, about two-inch holes are drilled in the stucco finish in areas suspected of high moisture levels.

In a nutshell, stucco is a durable and aesthetic exterior finish, and if well maintained, can last for decades. Proper maintenance involves regular inspections to help identify any damage and conduct the necessary repairs before the damage escalates and costs you more money.

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