Inspection Rates

Real Estate Agent Home Inspection Rates in DMV Area

Real Estate Inspections help you pass home inspections for an affordable price. We offer a home inspection deals for brokers, sellers, and buyers.

Passing Home Inspections in NJ

Our real estate agent home inspection rates are among the lowest in the business and conducted by licensed professionals that make the process easy for you and your clients. Passing home inspections can be a frightening experience. Many brokers in NJ provide home inspection assistance for buyers and sellers to keep upfront costs to a minimum. Let us help you with affordable real estate agent home inspection rates.

Here are some of the components included in our comprehensive inspections:

  • Structural
  • Exterior
  • Roofing system
  • Plumbing system
  • Electrical system
  • Heating and cooling system
  • Interior components
  • Insulation components
  • Fireplaces

Agent Pays for Home Inspection In DMV States

If your brokerage pays for home inspections, you need reliable inspection partners who offer home inspection deals for brokers. We will work with you to make the appropriate payment arrangements and schedule the inspection at a time convenient for your home buyer or seller.

We strongly recommend homeowners and agents attend the inspection to understand the findings and ask any questions they have on how the process works.

Home Inspection Assistance

Home inspection services for sellers come at affordable rates. We offer incentives and deals to brokers because we want your repeat business. If you would like to request seller assistance for your clients, contact us to determine what discounts are currently available.

Agent Pays for Home Inspection for Interior Components

Many homeowners and agents contact us for pre-sale inspection services. This may include full inspection services or interior features of the property. Ask about our real estate agent home inspection rates for interior pre-sale inspections.

We also offer home inspection assistance for homeowners looking for an inspection prior to renovations and home improvements.

We are happy to perform an evaluation for homeowners and brokers looking for assistance on passing home inspections.

Agent Pays for Home Inspection for Exterior Features

Home inspection deals for brokers include inspections of exterior features such as the roof and exterior construction. Our incentives include customizing services to meet the needs of the homeowner, buyer or investor. Clients often ask that brokers assist with the home inspection services for sellers and buyers. Contact us today to find out what incentives and services we provide for exterior features. If you are footing the bill for a home inspection for your client, here are additional services to take advantage of:


Real Estate Inspections offers comprehensive home inspection services for NJ real estate professionals. Let us help you ease your clients’ minds and help them get their home ready for sale. We also work with buyers who have concerns about a property they would like to make an offer on. Our trained and licensed inspection professionals can provide a detailed report for your consideration; from spa and pool inspections to checks for lead and radon gas.

For more information about real estate agent home inspection rates, contact our team today!