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Our Mission

To ensure YOU get the transparency, the clarity, and visibility YOU DESERVE!!

Our Vision

To be better than the best. To deliver a great experience every time and to every client.

Our Values

"PEOPLE not profit" is our mantra. Humility, honor, and integrity are our foundation.

If we didn't inspect it... YOU shouldn't buy it.


When making the largest investment of your life, YOU want to hire the BEST.


The building that underpins YOUR business has to be up to the TASK.


Our knowledgebase, experience and expertise is YOUR resource.


Occupying YOUR property while being happy, healthy, and safe.

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Thousands and thousands of your friends and neighbors have put their trust in us to get the transparency, the clarity, and the visibility they deserved.

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What YOU don't know... can HURT you.

Purchase with CONFIDENCE

At Real Estate Inspections (RE-inspect), we know that purchasing a home or commercial property is a significant financial commitment…likely the largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. We are committed to coming along side you to guide and advise you and as well as advocate for you, so you can make an informed, intelligent, confident decision.

We bring years of knowledge and experience, as well as professional training and certification, and unparalleled attention to detail to every home inspection and commercial property inspection we perform.

Serving the Philadelphia metropolitan region for the past several decades, we have tailored our business model to ensure YOU get the transparency, the clarity, and visibility YOU DESERVE!!

Affordable Home Inspection Services and Commercial Property Inspections serving Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), Delaware (DE), and Maryland (MD).


Each member of our Team has been tasked to perform specific functions and has been trained to focus on YOU and deliver an exceptional experience. Inspection Excellence.


Someone is always here to take your call. Inspections can be scheduled in advance or even on short notice. Pricing, scheduling, or follow-up questions are easy!


Our inspectors are multi-faceted carrying certifications in a broad array of disciplines. Have ALL of your inspections services performed by a single source. Inspections simplified.


Industry standards of practice dictate the minimum level of service an inspector is expected to perform. Our in-house standards far exceed the standards of your typical inspector.


All of our property inspection reports include estimates to repair and/or remediate. High priority items called out in the reports include a ballpark range of costs to help guide you.


When the inspection has ended, most inspectors just move onto the next inspection. NOT us...we are always here to provide advice, and help you be a great property owner.

Our Services

Home Inspections / Condos and Townhouses

Buying or selling a home? Our home inspection will equip you with the knowledge, clarity, and visibility you need to make an informed decision.

Multi-Family Rental Property Inspections

Before leasing units, ensure your property meets expected standards. You’ll have happy tenants, and you’ll avoid unexpected maintenance costs.

Commercial Property Inspections

Surprises cost time and money. Our Commercial Property Condition Assessment (PCA) will help you know what to expect and what to budget.

New-Construction Inspections

New does NOT equal perfect. Experienced eyes looking at your new home build will result in a happier you and a house that is closer to perfect.

Stucco Inspections / Adhered Stone Veneer

Stucco is a reservoir cladding system. Stucco retains moisture against the structure and it is imperative that it be installed properly.

Moisture Intrusion / Leak Detection Inspections

There’s nothing more frustrating than a leak. We are leak detection experts. There hasn't been a leak yet that we couldn’t find and know how to fix.

Expert Testimony / Forensic Inspections for Litigation

From the local magistrate to U.S. District Court, we have a long history of providing excellent expert testimony in case after case.

Interior Thermal Imaging Scans / Thermography

Thermal imaging reveals temperature anomalies unseen to the human eye. This is an inexpensive service that delivers a wealth of knowledge.

Wood-Destroying Insect Inspections

Wood-destroying insects can live in a house undetected for many years. You don’t want to buy someone’s termites.

Sewer Lateral Video Inspections

Sewer lines that have been buried for years can have problems that don’t reveal themselves quickly. Do you want to roll the dice…or just see for yourself.

Environmental Testing - Mold, Radon, Lead...

Air quality should be a right. Testing for specific pollutants is the only way to know if the air we breathe will cause us problems.

Water Quality Testing for FHA/VA and NJ PWTA

There is more in your water than just H20. If you have a private well, a water quality test is a MUST. Testing will provide a plan of action.

Private Well Testing and Inspections

Water is essential. Our private well inspection will assess functionality, yield, and gallons per minute as well as conformity with standards.

Dispute Consultation and 3rd Party Opinion

Between a rock and a hard place? A fresh perspective from an expert may help. We do it all the time and really love helping to find solutions.

Remediation Oversight Inspections

Do you really know your contractor? Does your contractor really know what they are doing? We do. Let us look over their shoulders.