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Certified Stucco Inspections

Stucco Inspection Service

Stucco Inspections & Stucco Moisture Testing

It is estimated that more than 90% of all stucco applications in the Northeastern United States, within the past 15 to 20 years, are improperly installed. An improperly installed stucco system can lead to leaks, mold, and structural damages. These issues can go undetected for years and cost significant amounts of money to remediate.

A home inspection or visual inspection alone will not disclose the issues or damages.

Real Estate Inspections (REI) provides Certified Stucco Inspections and Stucco Moisture Testing on homes and buildings clad with hardcoat stucco and EIFS (Exterior Insulating Finish System) building cladding systems.

REI is certified by the Moisture Warranty Corporation. We perform our inspections in accordance with the Standards of Practice of the Exterior Design Institute (EDI) and the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA).

Stucco is one of the most popular decorative surfaces desired by home buyers in the greater Philadelphia area. Unfortunately, many stucco and adhered stone veneer applications have been poorly done by inexperienced or careless builders. Not all homes have problems, but structural damage, mold growth, premature deterioration, and leaks are just a few of the reasons why you should have a stucco inspection performed on your home or any home or commercial property you are considering for purchase. The investment is simply too large to take a chance by not having a certified stucco inspection.

Real estate agents involved in both buying and selling properties receive documented information from our certified stucco inspectors. Real Estate Inspections also offers moisture intrusion detection and stucco moisture testing inspections for buildings covered with exterior insulation and finish systems, adhered concrete stone veneer, or hard coat stucco.

All stucco inspections are performed according to guidelines and standards established by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), The Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI), the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA), and the Exterior Design Institute (EDI). Properties earning a stucco certification not only receive higher bids but sell faster than stucco buildings that have not been inspected. In fact, it is substantially to a home seller’s advantage to call us prior to listing a home for sale and learn more about our stucco inspection service for agents and homeowners.

We know where to look, and what to look for. We pinpoint the moisture content in the underlying substrate. We provide a detailed inspection report including photos, infrared imaging, moisture mapping, and remediation recommendations.

Our Stucco Inspection Includes:

We do NOT perform any remediation or repair work. We are not stucco remediation/installation contractors. We are certified leak detection experts who provide and unbiased, professional, third party reporting on the condition of the structure.

What Is Included in a Stucco Inspection?

Tests performed on interior and exterior stucco surfaces are later analyzed to determine how much moisture has infiltrated stucco. When stucco is installed correctly, moisture levels should be minimal to none. Stucco’s permeability and the destructiveness of adhered stone veneer moisture makes it essential that these materials are installed by experienced applicators.

Larger home components, such as expansion joints, weep screeds, and head flashings, can be visually inspected for signs of moisture damage. More in-depth testing of a building’s interior wood paneling that lie behind stucco is needed for passing stucco inspections.

Our inspectors have completed courses provided by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (IACHI). Having a stucco certification permits them to identify all stucco types, visually inspect and accurately identify stucco for points of concern and report results objectively to agents.

Our stucco inspection service for agents checklist includes the following:

  • Electronic surface moisture scanning
  • Building moisture infiltration analysis
  • Infrared thermal imaging of the exterior and interior
  • Invasive moisture testing
  • Leak detection
  • Substrate firmness testing

Stucco Ground Clearance in Baltimore County

While it’s important to make sure a building’s siding is between six and eight inches above the ground, it’s even more important for stucco to have proper ground clearance. When stucco is too close to the ground, it acts like a magnet for moisture, insects, and mold growth. During a stucco inspection service for agents, our certified inspectors will measure stucco ground clearance around the exterior of the building.

Real Estate Inspections is comprised of certified stucco testing professionals who do not install or repair stucco. Instead, we specialize in providing objective analyses and reporting of the general condition of a stucco-clad building by utilizing sophisticated technology such as thermal imaging and carrying out best practices. The services we provide can be used to ensure your protection! Refer to our Printable Home Inspection Checklist PDF for further information.

Stucco Inspection Costs In NJ, PA, and MD

The cost of stucco inspection depends on several factors, including the square footage of the property, location, as well as ease of access. That said, Real Estate Inspections is proud to offer prompt, affordable stucco inspection services for agents in NJ, PA, and MD.

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For your protection, We perform our inspections in accordance with the Standards of Practice of the Exterior Design Institute (EDI) and the EIFS Industry Members Association (EIMA).

Real Estate Inspections is here to help you ensure a stucco building you are buying or selling does not have structural damage or need extensive repair before completing a transaction. For more information about New Home Inspections and New Construction Inspection Rates, reach out to us today and learn we can help maximize the home seller’s advantage!

When Real Estate Inspections inspects and certifies a home or commercial building, that structure is eligible for a MoistureFree Warranty.

Moisture Warranty Corporation has assisted thousands of stucco home buyers since 1996. The introduction of the MoistureFree Warranty provided a comprehensive solution to home buyers and Realtors who have embraced the MoistureFree Warranty as a much needed tool for all parties involved in the process of buying a stucco home.

When you sell your home, the MoistureFree Warranty helps ease home buyers’ concerns about purchasing a stucco home. The MoistureFree Warranty assures them that your home will be moisture free, or we’ll pay to get it moisture free.

Rather than having to discount their home, a home seller can purchase a MoistureFree Warranty and retain the value of their home, potentially saving a home seller tens of thousands of dollars at the time of sale.

Having A MoistureFree Warranty protecting the home can reduce the time the home is on the market by as much as 50%.

New owners automatically receive the benefit of any remaining warranty protection on the home, and there are no transfer fees.

Base coverage starts at $10,000 with multiple policy options up to $150,000. 1, 3, and 5-Year Warranties are available.

Following re-certification, coverage can be extended up to 5 years and can be renewed indefinitely upon re-certification.

The MoistureFree Warranty does not require homeowners to make unnecessary repairs to their home. Our friendly staff at Moisture Warranty Corporation assist homeowners every day with understanding what modifications are necessary, and can advise on typical costs for these repairs.

The MoistureFree Warranty offers reasonable pricing, combined with flexible payment terms, that makes it simple and affordable to get warranty protection.

After modifications are made to a home and verified through inspection, a MoistureFree Warranty can be purchased to satisfy the homeowner about the quality of work done to repair the home. If a repair fails during the term of the warranty, and allows moisture intrusion, Moisture Warranty Corporation pays to have it repaired.

Since the MoistureFree Warranty requires an inspection to be issued, the home may be saved from costly damage that may have gone undetected.