Sample Reports

Our Reports Are The Heart Of Our Business

Home Inspection Report - Sample

Our cloud-based state-of-the-art reporting system is unparalleled in the industry. Clients receive an electronic copy of the report within 48 hours following the completion of the inspection. Our elegantly simple, high-quality reports provide clear and concise information including: a summary page, improvement recommendations, lots of photos and color illustrations, reference materials, life cycles and costs of home components, and critical maintenance tips. We deliver a comprehensive, narrative-style inspection report with color photos. Each major system of the property including the Structural, Roofing, Exterior Components, Electrical, Heating and Cooling, Insulation and Ventilation, Plumbing and the Interior is evaluated. The inspector’s observations are referenced as Items Requiring Action, Items Requiring Attention or Monitoring, Further Evaluation Required, and Recommendations to your house more comfortable or efficient. Navigation report tabs presents the report information in a clear and understandable format that make the report easy-to-use and understand.

Check out our sample Home Inspection Reports below:

Stucco Inspection Report - Sample

Your stucco inspection report will provide actionable accurate recommendations for repair and remediation. Our reports are comprehensive and very thorough, including photo-documentation and narratives that will guide your stucco remediation contractor and leave no question as to what needs to be done. The reports include moisture mapping (if applicable), photos and commentary of every system detail, and recommendations for remediation. Check out our sample Stucco Inspection Reports below:

Environmental Reports - Samples

Your family’s health and safety are our top priority. Our environmental reports leave no stone unturned. We provide firm conclusions and actionable recommendations, taking into consideration relevant and applicable local, state, and federal requirements.

Check out our sample Environmental Reports below: